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June 16 – The government published a summary of stakeholder insights into factors affecting the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities.

June 15 – David Goodhart outlines facts vs feelings in the BLM debate in UnHerd

May 1 – Shabnam Nasimi writes in Quillette on why Britain’s ethnic minorities have been hit harder by COVID-19.


March 18- Eric Kaufmann writes in the New York Times on the crucial difference between race and race ideologies.

March 15- Clive Davis has given the inaugural Integration Conversation podcast 4 stars in his review in The Times.

February 19 – Eric Kaufmann writes on the role of majority ethnic identity in the rise of left and right wing populist extremism in Tablet

February 3 – Trevor Phillips reviews the memoirs of Michael Fuller, Britain’s first black chief constable in the Times

January 4 – Eric Kaufmann responds to the claim that he, David Goodhart and Matthew Goodwin are part of the ‘academic alt-right’ in Open Democracy


December 16 – Trevor Phillips has put his name to a letter asking for the next reissued banknote to have an ethnic minority represented in The Times

December 14 – An interview with Eric Kaufmann on the challenges of discussing immigration, integration and culture, and the need for informed discussion on these topics in the Church Times

December 12 – Trevor Phillips discusses the challenge of debating immigration on UnHerd

November 29 – David Goodhart appeared on Channel 4 News to discuss the latest immigration figures on Youtube

November 15 – Podcast panel discussion over ‘Whiteshift: Populism, Immigration and the Future of White Majorities’ on Soundcloud

November 11 – ‘Understanding the populist voter’ in The Financial Times

November 11 – ‘This is black children killing black children’: Former Equality Commission chairman Trevor Phillips says white liberals need to ‘tell the truth about violence in UK semi-ghettos’ in The Daily Mail


June 11 – ‘Manchester attack brings Muslim integration into focus’ in The Financial Times

March 27 – ‘The most diverse jobs in Britain’ in The Independent

March 20 – ‘Eastern Europeans fear second class future with Brexit’ in Sky News

March 19 – ‘Eric Kaufmann responds to David Aaronovitch’s column referencing Kaufmann’s recent Policy Exchange report’ in Policy Exchange

March 12 – ‘Racial inequality is still a massive problem in Greater Manchester – and these are the facts to prove it’ in The Manchester Evening News

March 12 –  ‘Top rank: cabbies and dentists have widest ethnic mix’ in The Times

March 2 –  ‘White self-interest is the not the same thing as racism’ in The Financial Times

January 24 – ‘Has multiculturalism failed? After Brexit, Britain grapples with issues of immigration and integration’ in Newsweek


December 2 – ‘We must help different cultures integrate into Britain’ in  Talk Radio

November 18 – ‘The CBI has been accused of “hypocrisy” by centre-right think tank’ in City AM

November 18 – ‘CBI’s all-white leadership challenged in diversity call’ in The Financial Times

November 18 – ‘ ‘Our boys need to be rescued and it’ll take a new kind of role model’ in The Guardian

November 17 – ‘Immigration: What next?’ in The British Academy

November 13 –  ‘Ethnic minorities are now more likely than whites to secure a top managerial job in Britain’ in The Daily Mail

November 13 – ‘Ethnic minority Britons surge into the middle class’ in The Times 

September 29 – ‘What can we expect on immigration and asylum policies post- referendum’ in The Institute of Race Relations 

August 18 – ‘‘A new UK immigration policy to work for all’  in The Commentator

August 9 – ‘The crisis is so bad that we need a minister for migration’ in The Daily Mail

July 14 – ‘A vote against the mass immigration society’ in Prospect Magazine

July 3 – ‘Dear new PM, I have a way to keep your promise on migration’ in The Times

May 19 – ‘ Britain’s furious social churn’ in Prospect Magazine  

February 1 – ‘Melting Pot of Integration’ in Oldham Evening Chronicle

January 30 – ‘For richer, not poorer’ in The Economist

January 28 – ‘Boston: How a Lincolnshire town became “the most divided place in England”‘ in The Independent

January 28 – ‘Britain’s murder capital is revealed to be the most segregated town the UK as well: How Boston in Lincolnshire is the most divided AND has the highest rate of killings’ in The Daily Mail

January 28 – ‘Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency less racially integrated than commuter belt, says report’ in The Telegraph

January 28 – ‘Ghetto UK: Boston tops the list of least integrated towns in the country’ in The Sun

January 28 – ‘Boston named the “least integrated” place in the country’ in ITV News

January 28 – ‘Boston, Spalding and Wisbech least integrated towns in UK after mass immigration new report’ finds in Spalding Guardian

January 28 – ‘Boston is branded “least integrated” in UK – new figures’ in Lincolnshire Echo

January 27 – ‘Muslims “not like us”, says ex-equalities chief Trevor Phillips in The Daily Mail

January 27 – ‘Muslims are not like us, race equality chief says’ in The Times

January 27 – ‘Muslim communities “unlike others in Britain”, former race equality chief Trevor Phillips’ says in The Independent


November 7 – ‘British Indians – a remarkable success story’ in The Telegraph

July 27 – ‘Can you make schools integrate?’ in BBC News

July 13 – ‘Younger generation of British Muslims showing shift in attitude to gender roles’ in The Guardian

July 7 – ‘Never mind theology – use face-to-face meetings to promote cultural understanding, report tells schools’ in Times’ Education Supplement

July 6 – ‘Bradford primary school pupils face high levels of cultural segregation, says new report’ in The Telegraph & Argus

July 6 – ‘Segregation remains in British schools claims Demos report’ in Schools Week

July 6 – ‘Study reveals school segregation’ in BBC News 

July 6 – ‘Cultural segregation of school pupils is only declining slowly’ in Yorkshire Post

July 6 – BBC Radio 4 The Today Programme

July 6 – ‘Children are being segregated in British schools, report warns’ in The Independent

July 6 – ‘Schools more divided than in US riot city’ in The Times

July 6 – ‘Some British schools ‘more racially segregated than St Louis’ of Ferguson’ in The Daily Mail

July 6 – ‘60% of migrants in white minority schools’ in The Express

July 6 – ‘Racial segregation in schools holds white pupils back, thinktank warns’ in The Guardian

July 5 – ‘Schools in wider racial split than St Louis’ in The Sunday Times

June 5 – ‘Is it time to ditch the term ‘black, Asian, and minority ethnic’ (BAME)?’ in The Guardian

May 28 – ‘Why our experience of assimilation should be a beacon for today’s split communities’ in The Jewish Chronicle

May 21 – ‘Ethnicity labels are divisive, says Phillips’ in The Times

May 20 – ‘Indian-origin professionals most successful in UK, study reveals’ in Times of AP

May 20 – ‘British Bangladeshis and Pakistanis failing to integrate in wider society says report’ in International Business Times 

May 17 – ‘Indian-origin professionals most successful in UK: study’ in The Hindu

May 17 – ‘Ethnic minorities outrun whites in race for top jobs’ in The Sunday Times