Marriage migration and integration

Around a quarter of British Indian Sikhs, and half of British Pakistani Muslims have a spouse who migrated to the UK as an adult, making these two of the largest British ethnic groups involved in this kind of transnational...

  • 12 Apr 2016
  • | Katharine Charsley
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The people vs the academics

How the public and academic researchers talk past each other on integration. While most of the academic literature agrees that immigrants in Britain are integrating well, especially compared to many other European countries...

  • 31 Mar 2016
  • | Maria Sobolewska, Laurence Lessard-Phillips
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Let’s not get drunk together!

When talking about mixing, integrationists will often struggle to name a place where ethnic mixing for adults can occur. It certainly isn't the pub. Traditionally, pubs were places where people could meet and mixing would...

  • 09 Mar 2016
  • | Richard Norrie
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An inconvenient truth

Research confirms that people do not generally like it when their community changes too fast. There’s little doubt that the UK has experienced both a significant and rapid change in its ethnic diversity over the past 15...

  • 04 Mar 2016
  • | James Laurence
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British Mosques need ‘demystifying’

Mosque open-days are a first step towards making them truly part of the British social fabric. The 7th of February saw the Muslim Council of Britain organize a ‘Visit My Mosque Day’ to increase understanding of Islam...

  • 11 Feb 2016
  • | Philip Wood
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