Integration News


27 March- NIESR have published a new report into the role that schools play in integrating new migrant pupils and their families.

28 February – The government has awarded £4.5 million to English language providers in the latest step towards carrying out its Integrated Communities Strategy.

9 February – James Brokenshire has unveiled the full Action Plan for fulfilling the Integrated Communities Strategy green paper.

8 February – The government has announced training for faith leaders as the latest step towards carrying out the Integrated communities Strategy.

28 January – Sara Khan, the Lead Commissioner of the Commission to Counter Extremism, bids for greater dialogue to allow society as a whole to tackle extremism in an interview with

22 January – The Home Office has announced an independent review of the Prevent programme.

17 January – The Migration Policy Institute have released a report on the need to develop a new toolkit for integration policy makers to produce effectively integrated societies.

11 January – Sadiq Khan has published City Hall and Greater London Authority ethnicity pay gap, in response to the government consultation on the matter. Shows it is shortening, but still claims work to be done.

6 January –  Debbie Weekes-Bernard, Deputy Mayor of London for social integration, social mobiliy and community engagement, sets out her plans for tackling the results of the McGregor-Smith review of race in an interview with The Voice.


19 December – The White Paper on Immigration has been released

29 November – The Faith Minister, Lord Bourne, is developing inter-faith action on the Integrated Communities Green Paper. See the press report here

16 October – The latest hate crime report has been released. Take a look at the report here, but make sure you read our response on why it may provide surprisingly good news for an integrated society.

11 October – Consultation on the Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting proposed by the Government has been opened for submission. See the details here.

31 July – Identity based so-called ‘Diversity Networks’ aren’t good at encouraging integration between the groups, despite bringing potential individual benefits. Journal article